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12 AI-Generated Metalcore Bands That Look Incredibly Legit

We're having a hard time believing these bands aren't real

AI Metalcore Bands

Welcome to the cutting-edge intersection of metalcore and artificial intelligence, where Lambgoat has teamed up with a machine learning algorithm to generate a batch of AI-generated metalcore bands.

In a uniquely dumb experiment, we provided the AI with data on some of the most popular metalcore acts, and it responded with names and band photos of 12 bands that absolutely do not exist.


1. Shattered Chains


2. Free the Fallen


3. Striven


4. Wandering Wolves


5. Obliterisk


6. Kingdom of Ruin


7. Mirrored Inversions of Time and Chaotic Hypnosis (M.I.T.C.H.)


8. Pathway of Destruction


9. Bound by Integrity


10. Conquer the Divide


11. Emberwake


12. For Echoes

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anonymous 260 days ago

Russ from Zao here. Not enough representation for me.