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couple would rather have sex in public than watch Attila play

Attila concert sex during Dirt Fest

This past weekend marked the 2016 installment of Pontiac, MI festival Dirt Fest. Among the performers were Georgia rabble-rousers, Attila. Let's face it, if Attila is playing, you have three choices: a) listen b) don't listen c) have sexual intercourse.

While I won't tell you what the correct choice is, one couple opted to have sex during Attila's set, going at it while perched atop an adjacent parking garage. Their unorthodox approach to concert-going didn't go unnoticed by Attila frontman (and billionaire) Chris Fronzak, who had this to say:

"I can't say that I'm surprised by this at all but...... Two people were having sex while they watched my band play yesterday hahaha. Just when I thought I've seen it all! Can't blame em though... Stay horny & SUCK MY F-CK ATTILA. PS- Name the baby after me please!!!!! I know y'all were raw-doggin up there haha"

Fronzak also shared some footage of the debauchery, which you can check out below. As these things go, it's rather tame and should be safe-for-work (unless you work at a convent).


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anonymous 8/15/2016 7:35:50 AM

I'll tell you, the correct choice is don't listen

anonymous 8/15/2016 8:39:56 AM

how the fck is fronz a billionaire

anonymous 8/15/2016 9:07:01 AM

He's not

anonymous 8/15/2016 11:46:09 AM

I love how fronz doesn't realize they were just killing time until their set was over. The only people there to see still were there with their parents.

menstrualmath 8/15/2016 1:12:46 PM

stay horny LOL

anonymous 8/15/2016 1:21:41 PM

Man! What's in the water up there? Oh right, lead. Lots and lots of lead.

chicken_gang_bang 8/15/2016 2:56:35 PM

Shit the fck up, webby

OrgCore 8/16/2016 10:34:56 AM

There's a long list of things of things I'd rather be doing than listen to this band; Being audited, having knee replacement surgery, retaking a junior college sociology class, etc...

anonymous 8/18/2016 6:07:57 AM

how the fck is fronz a billionaire<---ya mean a "poverty pimp?" he fronts like he is rolling in cash-but Chris has still yet to be audited by the IRS for every ridiculous claim he makes...