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'Master of Puppets' banjo cover

5/2/2016 10:12:45 AM PT   comments [5]

You either like these banjo covers if you don't. If you do, check out Rob Scallon's version of Metallica classic "Master of Puppets." If you hate this shit, sorry; here's an Emmure concert.

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anonymous   posted 5/2/2016 10:26:11 AM
anonymous   posted 5/2/2016 4:55:41 PM
Can't wait til he gets sued
anonymous   posted 5/2/2016 10:12:43 PM
Please stop.
cary   posted 2/16/2017 8:06:37 AM
you engage the line nicely.
anonymous   posted 10/11/2017 1:39:08 AM
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