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Connecticut symphonic deathcore band Shadow of Intent

4/3/2016 9:51:32 AM PT   comments [16]

It's Sunday, and there's not much going on in the metal world at the moment. So, we've uploaded a few tracks from Connecticut act Shadow of Intent to our YouTube channel for you to check out. Click the play button the video below and enjoy, revolt, shake your head, whatever... at least you listened to something new today.

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If you do like what you hear, check out a few more of their songs on YouTube.

anonymous   posted 4/3/2016 12:19:43 PM
Guitar playing is good. Some of the 'symphonic' layering is cool. Fake drums are forever boring and lame. The singer is mediocre at best and mixed way too loud. 6/10
anonymous   posted 4/3/2016 2:22:41 PM
fcking rocks! vocals are amazing! drums are fantastic! best i've heard in a while! ( ?° ?? ?°)
anonymous   posted 4/3/2016 3:44:34 PM
fcking badass
anonymous   posted 4/3/2016 3:52:38 PM
Just bought this album, Now shaking my house apart, vocalist, is amazing, rifts are sick and technical best album yet!
anonymous   posted 4/3/2016 4:20:48 PM
Great album... Amazing!! 10/10
anonymous   posted 4/3/2016 4:29:05 PM
One of the best albums I've heard in a long time. Vocalist is phenomenal and fits very well with this style of music. They are seriously underrated. 10/10
anonymous   posted 4/3/2016 4:45:34 PM
Best album of 2016 hands down. Vocalist is phenomenal, drumming is fantastic, overall this album is a masterpiece from start to finish. 12/10
anonymous   posted 4/3/2016 5:33:09 PM
anonymous   posted 4/3/2016 6:26:59 PM
Can you guess which comments are not a member of this band?
anonymous   posted 4/3/2016 6:37:25 PM
deathcore is ass, adding an orchestra to it does not make it better.
anonymous   posted 4/3/2016 7:24:21 PM
highly doubt that lambgay of all sites would be praise some shitcore band, nice try Shadow of Intent
anonymous   posted 4/4/2016 9:53:27 AM
Some of these comments are so clearly from the band lol
chicken_gang_bang   posted 4/4/2016 2:15:02 PM
New bands are still creating this shit?
anonymous   posted 4/4/2016 7:25:57 PM
fcking sick
anonymous   posted 4/5/2016 11:47:09 AM
First of all, I'm not creating a profile cause ain't nobody got time for that but I genuinely love this band. Where else are you going to hear sick riffs mixed with beautiful symphony and brutal vocals? I honestly don't know what you're all complaining about....if I didn't know better the same jerk is just trolling. These guys are great. Best death metal release of 2016 (in my opinion) These guys will forever kick ass.Much love from the heart of CT!!

anonymous   posted 9/22/2016 8:08:28 PM
You're all going to die someday.