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Attila frontman Chris Fronzak launches Instagram for growing car collection

2/6/2016 9:05:41 AM PT   comments [34]

Chris Fronzak with portion of car collection

We love posting about the life and times of Chris Fronzak, entrepreneur and Attila frontman. His multiple businesses, his extreme wealth... he's the Howard Hughes of metalcore.

In this week's Fronzak update, we're excited to inform you that he recently launched a new Instagram account dedicated to his splendid automobile collection, which apparently includes a 2014 Ferrari 458 Italia, 2015 BMW i8, and 2016 Mercedes G63. Have a look and tell your friends.

Until next time, stay sick, kids.

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anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 9:27:44 AM
Much respect
anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 11:14:34 AM
*sells drugs
anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 11:18:20 AM
Will be on American Greed one day, con artist
anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 11:38:24 AM
What a complete douche bag
anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 1:48:48 PM
How the hell does this c-m bubble afford these things??
anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 2:18:03 PM
Is this really news?
anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 2:35:35 PM
My father would womanize, he would drink, he would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Some times he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy, the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 2:44:18 PM
Obviously rental cars for the day
anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 2:48:45 PM
Webby no one cares about this douche nozzle's car collection. It has nothing to do with any kind of music. Hop off this dudes nuts
anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 2:49:06 PM
^ Thank you
anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 3:07:57 PM
This dude has a lot of success, you shitty little haters. Get over it.
anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 3:12:11 PM
All of these cars are leases.
anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 3:44:28 PM
Thanks for posting this LG! Everyone else is just jealous of what a good dude Fronz is!
anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 4:27:00 PM
I don't see a band as big (or small) as Attila making this kind of money. doesn't add up.
anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 4:41:10 PM
Dude got these cars but still trying to buy furniture for his house.
anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 5:40:15 PM

anonymous   posted 2/6/2016 10:32:17 PM
Waste of money. What a loser.
anonymous   posted 2/7/2016 6:10:44 AM
He is leasing these for $15000 a month...

buzzsaw   posted 2/7/2016 8:10:07 AM
He rides an Electra Townie, an overpriced shit-brand woman's bicycle, and it's plasti-dipped matte black. LAME AS fck.
anonymous   posted 2/7/2016 10:09:58 AM
My garage is lookin pretty empty since the #spaceship and the #fourfiveeight are gone. Looks like the #MurderWagon is sleeping alone tonight ??
anonymous   posted 2/7/2016 11:26:15 AM
This makes me sick.
anonymous   posted 2/7/2016 11:55:43 AM
this sagea LEASING these cars...
anonymous   posted 2/7/2016 12:29:38 PM
He looks like a player character in gta online
anonymous   posted 2/7/2016 1:12:15 PM
stop surfing this idiot's nutsack.

missing from every single one of his self help seminars: MY DAD FRONTS ME CASH FOR EVERY NEW BUSINESS IDEA, IF YOU DONT HAVE ONE OF THOSE THEN YOURE SOL.
anonymous   posted 2/7/2016 9:02:48 PM
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anonymous   posted 2/7/2016 10:28:46 PM
Why are people so mad? He's one of us, and he's made it. We should be applauding him
anonymous   posted 2/8/2016 12:43:56 AM
He came from money anyway, now he's showing his earthly possessions to people living in trailer parks looking at his cars on walmart phones
anonymous   posted 2/8/2016 7:07:08 AM
I don't mind that this dude that I think is a wiener is actually making good money. I just wish he would be smarter about spending it, so he doesn't end up like so many other young entrepreneurs. It's hard enough for us shitty fcking hardcore kids to make money. Let alone keep it.
anonymous   posted 2/8/2016 12:14:23 PM
He looks like a player character in gta online

fckin lol
anonymous   posted 2/8/2016 3:19:33 PM
this man is extremely handsome and extremely successful. a hot woman/hot gay man's ultimate dream.
anonymous   posted 2/8/2016 6:22:50 PM
all that money & he chose to waste it on shitty tattoos and 2 kids. should be livin' that bachelor life
anonymous   posted 2/11/2016 9:54:58 AM
listen up, shane from DOWN IN IT here... put on tour with you FRONZ! Maybe we can bake out the Lambo or Beemer!??!!!?? huge fan since way back, I beg you please take us out, we just want our big break like everyone else. Much love and as you would say - STAY SICK
- shane hart schiepetti
anonymous   posted 9/11/2017 1:37:44 AM
in all honesty i think chris fronzak is a great singing rapper and screamer and what he does with his life has nothing to do with all the negative people stop hating on him for him being him its almost like all you people thats hating on him doing the same thing to you if you were in his shoes and all you dumbass fcks thats hating on him lets see you do better in the 13-15 some odd years with him doing himself i think he is kicking ass
anonymous   posted 9/11/2017 1:48:50 AM
does anyone actually know what he does in his life well if not stop hating on him if you were really thinking that you are talking a big game over what ever comment you leave then why is nearly everyones anonymous ??????? my name is Vanessa marie i don't have an account and not really wanting to make one