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watch A Day To Remember guitarist Kevin Skaff propose to a WWE Diva

9/22/2015 8:14:36 AM PT   comments [21]

Well, long story short, A Day To Remember guitar player Kevin Skaff is in a relationship with WWE Diva, Paige. On a new episode of the reality TV series Total Divas, Skaff proposed to her via tattoo. If this interests you, hit the play button below. If not, move along and pretend that we never posted about this.

anonymous   posted 9/22/2015 9:42:31 AM
anonymous   posted 9/22/2015 10:11:10 AM
kind of seems like she doesn't give a shit
great eye contact Paige
anonymous   posted 9/22/2015 10:22:54 AM
do these dweebs try to plug themselves into every gay little TV production? Divas, WWE, and wasn't that one dude on Pawn Stars?
anonymous   posted 9/22/2015 11:23:44 AM
"durrr I guess"
anonymous   posted 9/22/2015 11:27:12 AM
She seems really excited......ooooof
anonymous   posted 9/22/2015 12:07:55 PM
Standard of WWE divas has massively gone downhill
anonymous   posted 9/22/2015 12:10:11 PM
You know damn well she was thinking "oh fck I don't wanna be stuck with this dude in a shitty band for the rest of my life"
anonymous   posted 9/22/2015 1:07:21 PM
anonymous   posted 9/22/2015 2:42:47 PM
How you gonna let people like this get married but not the gays?
chicken_gang_bang   posted 9/22/2015 2:49:54 PM
fck off webby faqqot
anonymous   posted 9/22/2015 2:57:06 PM
Yeah that's gonna last.
anonymous   posted 9/22/2015 3:02:55 PM
Anyone who says the standards of divas has gone down should check her Instagram . That picture of her ass is a++++
anonymous   posted 9/22/2015 3:20:34 PM
Is the Instagram picture of her chin or her actual ass? Girl can blow her nose and wipe her ass at the same time.
anonymous   posted 9/22/2015 5:11:08 PM
wow that was hard to watch
anonymous   posted 9/22/2015 5:20:33 PM
oh the careercore forgotten. she doesn't love you dude but your hair game is on point!
anonymous   posted 9/23/2015 12:24:00 AM
She behaves like a dood so, does this marriage qualify as same sex? Kim Davis u there?
anonymous   posted 9/23/2015 5:53:29 AM
She's definitely not going to marry him. This is hilarious.
anonymous   posted 9/23/2015 6:04:27 AM
He will be glad she doesn't go through with it in a few years when she's fat. She's definitely got the fat gene.
anonymous   posted 9/24/2015 12:59:22 AM
Kim Davis here, and I just wanted to let everyone know that god appeared to me and told me not let these f@ggots get married. Case closed. Period.
anonymous   posted 9/24/2015 5:30:50 AM
To the people who don't understand, this whole show is scripted. Their reactions and the whole thing was planned and talked about beforehand.
anonymous   posted 9/24/2015 8:25:44 AM
What a c*nt