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listen to new EP from band featuring son of Deftones singer Chino Moreno

7/17/2015 11:28:44 AM PT   comments [9]

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has a son named Jakobe Moreno, and Jakobe has a band called Death Rogen. This week the "powerviolence/skate thrash" outfit released a new EP titled Death Rogen EP 1, and you can stream it below.

[via ThePRP]

anonymous   posted 7/17/2015 1:27:41 PM
Death Rogen > Deftones

At least hes not whining and bitching through songs like his old man...

8===) - --- -
anonymous   posted 7/17/2015 2:28:30 PM
I had no idea Chino had a kid, let alone old enough kid to be in a band.

anonymous   posted 7/17/2015 3:24:11 PM
They're tight
anonymous   posted 7/17/2015 3:36:36 PM
This makes me feel old. Super old I saw the detones when I was in middle school 15 years ago
anonymous   posted 7/18/2015 3:32:43 AM
I actually cant wait to hear some cleaner recordings. They got a a good sound going.
brokenhero   posted 7/18/2015 12:39:25 PM
yeah this aint bad for shitty punk
anonymous   posted 7/20/2015 6:16:50 AM
should have spelled it deth rogen. its so easy
anonymous   posted 7/21/2015 7:19:08 AM
shitty skate punk. not really powerviolence
anonymous   posted 2/16/2016 8:36:36 PM
person who commented on chino being miserable, its probably a good thing you stay anonymous