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watch Suicide Silence get high with B-Real of Cypress Hill in his Smokebox

3/10/2015 6:24:48 AM PT   comments [7]

Suicide Silence and B-Real in the Smokebox

Caution, you might get stoned just from watching this video.

In the newest episode of "The Smokebox" on BREALTV, Suicide Silence frontman Eddie Hermida and guitarist Mark Helymun sit down with Cypress Hill member B-Real (aka Dr. Greenthumb) to smoke herb, talk music, touring, and cannabis. You can check it out below.

hardcore765   posted 3/10/2015 7:45:59 AM
finally a band I can support!
anonymous   posted 3/10/2015 8:56:31 AM
Eddie is the ugliest man ever
anonymous   posted 3/10/2015 9:46:13 AM
Isn't Mark supposed to be sober??
anonymous   posted 3/10/2015 10:10:16 AM
He is sober. Is just the herb bro.

anonymous   posted 3/10/2015 10:49:20 AM
http://lambgoat.com/news/2 3218/Suicide-Silence-detai ls-past-drinking-drug-abus e

What self-indulgent, selfish, mocking-of-substance-abuse jerkoffs! Good luck ever being taken seriously again, tramp stamps.
anonymous   posted 3/10/2015 11:09:13 AM
Alex must have been too busy snorting coke off groupies asses to participate.
anonymous   posted 3/10/2015 9:23:45 PM
All you guys complaining probably shack bowls of horse turds