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Jonny Craig and Slaves were selling MacBooks last week (well, sort of)

I don't listen to Slaves, and I've never really listened to their singer Jonny Craig, or any of his previous bands either. However, we've often covered his bands, in addition to his past problems, including the infamous MacBook scam. Speaking of which, it was interesting to see the t-shirt below being sold by Slaves last week.

The t-shirt is no longer available for purchase, but kudos to Craig for being able to laugh at himself (and find a way to make money doing it). We hope he's in a better place now.

Jonny Craig and Slaves Macbook t-shirt


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anonymous 2/2/2015 6:07:28 PM

He admittedly committed those crimes, and has the nerve to profit from it AGAIN? I doubt any profits are going to the people who never got their money back from that narcissistic nimrod

anonymous 2/2/2015 6:28:32 PM


anonymous 2/2/2015 6:50:04 PM

The world has never needed an overdose more than it needs one now.

anonymous 2/2/2015 7:37:23 PM

then please overdose you fcking retard

anonymous 2/2/2015 10:09:35 PM

Id rather you od for trying to defend a fcking scumbag who'd be better off dead.

tonyhawk 2/2/2015 11:42:52 PM

whos jenny craig?

anonymous 2/3/2015 2:38:37 AM

no worse than the trolls who try to take advantage on this scumbag site

anonymous 2/3/2015 11:41:43 AM

Blake Judd is stoked