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watch the Paul Stanley (Kiss) commercial Folgers refused to air

We don't really cover Kiss on Lambgoat, but this commercial has been making the Internet rounds today and it's too awkward not to share.

In 2000, Kiss frontman Paul Stanley was recruited by the Folgers coffee company to appear in a commercial. The ad never aired though, because focus groups apparently shut it down:

"In the year 2000, Folgers made this commercial starring a gymnast and Paul Stanley from Kiss. Apparently, Paul Stanley is some kind of magician, because he makes this weird gesture at the end and disappears. This commercial never aired because focus groups asked "who is the old, creepy guy?" and the agency pulled it."

The commercial really is as perplexing as it sounds. Enjoy.

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anonymous 12/21/2014 9:01:16 PM

"This video has been removed by user." Good.

anonymous 12/22/2014 6:21:23 AM

" "This video has been removed by user." Good. " fck you gay you still tried to watch it.

cervical_lancer 12/22/2014 7:34:12 AM

holy shit that licks

anonymous 12/22/2014 9:02:45 AM

this is what would happen, if Paul Stanley & Fabio switched occupations....

anonymous 12/22/2014 9:25:48 AM

still better than anything he did with kiss

anonymous 12/22/2014 9:57:00 AM


anonymous 12/22/2014 11:00:22 AM

"fck you gay you still tried to watch it.' You dream about getting cored out by Gene and Paul.

anonymous 12/22/2014 2:42:09 PM

Lick it up

anonymous 12/23/2014 9:37:57 AM

Still a better love story than twilight

shane_battier 12/26/2014 5:16:03 AM

folgers.....for the gays

anonymous 12/26/2014 6:02:05 AM

" The best part of waking up, Is Folders In your ass." - Fronzilla aka gayzilla aka Folderszilla

anonymous 8/20/2015 5:28:34 PM

Too young For This Group,Kiss Kick Ass.Gene And Paul Rocks!They Got Rid Of Peter And Ace.Cant Stand Peter Criss,Arrogant And Old Fart.Waz Up With The Jewish Slurs On Lambgoat.its Not Revelent.Metal Is So Kosher.Look Most Metal Bands Members.Burzum,Skrew Driver,Graveland,Wutang,Pu ff Daddy,Selena,lady Gaga Are Ghetto.