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fan that got beaten up by Fat Mike gets a "do over" at NOFX show

Fat Mike and fan Alex on stage in Sydney

By now you've almost certainly seen the video of NOFX frontman Fat Mike elbowing and kicking a fan in the face after said fan got a little too close during a show early last week (if you haven't, here's the video).

Anyway, the folks at Faster Louder report that NOFX invited the fan, Alex, to a Friday show in Sydney. They had him up onstage, let him sing a few lines, and gave him a special t-shirt (you can see the shirt below).

Happy endings are so heartwarming.

Alex with custom NOFX shirt
(Photo Blue Murder/Facebook)
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anonymous 11/9/2014 11:07:28 AM

fck nofx

rick____tocchet 11/9/2014 11:22:20 AM

Band still sucks

anonymous 11/9/2014 11:32:24 AM

Nice PR. Too bad Fat Mike is still a c*nt and wouldn't do that if he didn't fck up in the first place. Guy doesn't give a shit about his fans. He just wants his blow and paycheck. fck him.

anonymous 11/9/2014 1:36:15 PM

Nofx is still the best. The fan deserved the self defense from fat mike.

anonymous 11/9/2014 2:51:06 PM

Okie the clown, y'all

anonymous 11/9/2014 3:00:21 PM

NOFX and "PR" in the same sentence... L O fcking L. Keep trying shit t-ts.

anonymous 11/9/2014 3:04:30 PM

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anonymous 11/9/2014 4:32:10 PM

aka attempts to avoid a lawsuit

anonymous 11/9/2014 8:23:10 PM

This kid has zero self respect. Fat mike has zero self awareness.

anonymous 11/9/2014 8:42:17 PM

I thought mike was into pain and sexual torture and all that shit. I'm surprised when the kid grabbed his hurt shoulder he didn't just goo in his plaid zipper pants.

anonymous 11/9/2014 11:17:00 PM

I want that shirt

anonymous 11/10/2014 7:16:57 AM

That retard missed a golden opportunity to beat that fat fcks ass. pssy

anonymous 11/10/2014 7:26:27 AM

Merch swap is stoked

anonymous 11/10/2014 11:19:51 AM

this fan could've owned fat wreckchords!!! hence why mike was extra quick to reciprocate him...

anonymous 11/10/2014 1:38:10 PM

would have been awesome if the dude got on staged and punched out Fat Mike

anonymous 11/10/2014 10:26:54 PM

NOFX should King 810 to prove who is "harder"