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Mastodon fires back at critics of music video with Halloween shirt

According to Metal Insider, Mastodon is poised to release the limited edition Halloween t-shirt pictured below. Obviously, the shirt serves as a response to criticism over the band's music video for "The Motherload."
Mastodon's Halloween twerk shirt
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anonymous 10/6/2014 11:22:51 AM


anonymous 10/6/2014 11:57:20 AM

"limited addition" great editing.

anonymous 10/6/2014 12:11:32 PM

JOKE OF THE DAY: why is webby terrible at math? because he can only do limited addition!

portslob 10/6/2014 12:40:54 PM

you tell em mastodon

anonymous 10/6/2014 2:21:42 PM


anonymous 10/6/2014 3:10:14 PM

ive got a weird urge to fck 2 pumpkins

anonymous 10/7/2014 6:59:52 AM

Band sucks who cares

anonymous 10/8/2014 6:55:39 AM

Would've been funnier as "Asstodon," first off... second, Mastodon blows and always has. Bunch a fcking knobs.