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Dave Lombardo says Slayer will continue even after current members are gone

Slayer to go the way of The Coasters?

The Coasters, the legendary act from the late 1950s and the first group inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, still continue to tour despite not having any original members or members from their "classic" lineup. According to ex-drummer Dave Lombardo, Slayer might end up the same way.

In a recent interview with Julia Bueno of the "Lokaos Rock Show," Lombardo was asked about the current lineup of Slayer, which currently boasts only two of its original members, Kerry King and Tom Araya.

"Well, I don't know anything about the new members except Gary [Holt, guitarist]. I don't know the other guy [Paul Bostpah, drums]. Them using the name? Well, after the two members are gone, the manager's probably going to use other members of the band... you know, other musicians to, you know, continue the name. So I really don't know. I really have no comment to that, although I've commented enough right now."

Seems unlikely to me, but stranger things have happened. You can watch the full interview below.


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anonymous 9/18/2014 8:39:36 AM

Honestly I have thought this would be a possibility for a long time for this band in particular. For a band like Metallica, they seem to have held on to their shit (except their creative integrity), and you can tell they still mean every single thing they do,

anonymous 9/18/2014 8:39:54 AM

Slayer on the other hand, look and feel like puppets most of the time... Araya does not give a fck about what he is singing. Look at all the ridiculously shit merch deals Slayer have made. Slayer as an institution makes sense to continue. There is tens of thousands of musicians out there who can and do successfully mimic the Slayer style. Metallica is like... a band.. and Slayer just feels like more of a brand.

anonymous 9/18/2014 8:45:47 AM

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anonymous 9/18/2014 11:02:27 AM

how the fck can he not know Bostaph? he's been a part of Slayer on and off since the fcking 90's

anonymous 9/18/2014 12:14:18 PM

Dave Lombardo is so desperate for attention. Look at how old he is.

willy_wanker 9/18/2014 1:16:17 PM

napalm death doesnt have any original members

anonymous 9/18/2014 3:27:40 PM

Slayer car is being made. There you go.

shitinyourhand 9/19/2014 8:59:26 AM

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