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I don't want to be a jerk, but this guy has his own Wikipedia entry?

Yogi Allgood on Wikipedia

While fact-checking our Scream It Like You Mean It news item this morning, I stumbled upon a Wikipedia entry for one-time SILYMI owner Yogi Allgood. Not only is it surprising that he has an entry, but that it's so thorough (it even lists the names of his parents). We actually interviewed Allgood once; he's a nice guy and I don't want to belittle his accomplishments, but something is fishy here.

For perspective, the following individuals do NOT have a Wikipedia entry:

- Ash Avildsen (Sumerian Records founder, The Summer Slaughter Tour, Reflux)
- Scott Vogel (Terror, Buried Alive, Despair)
- Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Converge, Mutoid Man)
- A.J. Novello (Leeway, Cro-Mags)
- Tony Brummel (Victory Records founder/owner)
- Vinnie Stigma (Agnostic Front, Madball)
- Lou Koller (Sick Of It All)
- Rob Echeverria (Helmet, Biohazard)
- Joey Zampella (Life Of Agony, Stereomud, Carnivore)
- Tom Capone (Quicksand, Handsome, Bold)

Obviously, you can file this all under "Who gives a shit?", but you could say that about much of the stuff we write about on Lambgoat, particularly on Sunday mornings ;-)


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anonymous 9/7/2014 10:52:51 AM

The disease of jealously is so malignant that is converts all it takes into its own nourishment.

anonymous 9/7/2014 11:02:59 AM

aw, you ruined your fancy quote by misspelling jealousy

anonymous 9/7/2014 11:03:59 AM

even you have an entry ki/Webmaster

anonymous 9/7/2014 2:04:07 PM

dude is fcking joke and obviously wrote it himself.

anonymous 9/7/2014 2:11:00 PM

So I guess the dude who wrote this article doesn't know you can make your own wikipedia entries...

anonymous 9/7/2014 2:24:24 PM

Maybe you should make it your Sunday morning project to make wikipedia pages for all of those people.

anonymous 9/7/2014 2:57:17 PM

anonymous posted 42 minutes ago So I guess the dude who wrote this article doesn't know you can make your own wikipedia entries... this is true, but they usually get deleted eventually

anonymous 9/7/2014 6:16:42 PM

Lol at that Wikipedia. Dude is ridiculous and has acted like some mogul for years.

anonymous 9/8/2014 4:57:59 AM

always grinding bro. dude grinds out 47 companies a year that do nothing. the grind is hard. the grind is real.

anonymous 9/9/2014 10:07:53 AM

i am from va beach, and I have never heard of this dude.

anonymous 9/9/2014 10:20:32 PM

Want to see a trip. Check out his instagram Allyogi