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Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds is carving a giant wooden penis

7/29/2014 11:04:08 AM PT   comments [3]

We're not exactly sure why, but Mastodon guitar player Brent Hinds has been carving a large penis out of wood as of late. Here's what said carving currently looks like:

thetowerofrome   posted 7/29/2014 11:33:43 AM
Lol. At least they are still funny cool dudes who like dcks even though they now suck dck, about that size now.
genghisjohn   posted 7/29/2014 2:04:14 PM
Wooden wood
anonymous   posted 7/29/2014 5:15:38 PM
Wow you guys really are striving to be Metalsucks 2.0

Stick to the actual news.