BlogDecember 2, 2004 6:10 PM ET

I'd rather pluck my eyebrows

I had the misfortune of hearing NBC celebrities singing Christmas songs yesterday, via this CD. I won't say how I came upon this circumstance, but the entire ordeal was repulsive. Listening to Martin Sheen and Stockard Channing (The West Wing) croon "Wonderful Christmas Time" was painful, at best. Hear for yourself - audio. The CD was for charity, so I suppose their intentions were good, but jeez. Sean Hayes (Will And Grace) doing "Christmas Song"? Why? Even worse than his track was Megan Mullally (also of Will and Grace) doing a breathy interpretation of "Silent Night" that totally falls apart in the end. I've lost all respect for her. Oddly, the only one who really sounded professional on the CD was Katey Sagal (the mom from Married With Children and 8 Simple Rules).

Why have I wasted my time talking about this CD? I don't know. I suppose I didn't want to suffer alone.


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jesuschristsuperstar_ 12/2/2004 3:32:57 PM

i'd attracted to megan mullally. it's purely sexual though.

nightmare_ 12/2/2004 4:23:06 PM

I have a crush on Katey Sagal.

NBC VP_ 12/2/2004 4:41:24 PM

Shamless self promotion. Those "celebs" don't care about charity. Two words fck THEM

StreetForce_ 12/2/2004 8:00:43 PM

Katey Sagal has put out musical cds before. thats what she did after married with children

blindnation_ 12/3/2004 2:03:43 AM

also the voice of Laila on Futurama

countryclub_ 12/3/2004 6:29:52 AM

futurerama brings the suck

xirishgodx_ 12/3/2004 4:37:48 PM

mroe the the pwnage

Jay_ 12/4/2004 12:41:04 PM

Family Guy>Futurama>Simpsons

xadfx_ 12/4/2004 9:20:28 PM

If you don't like Futurama you don't understand the show. Futurama > Simpsons (seasons 3-14) > Family Guy > new Simpsons

hass_ 12/7/2004 2:59:41 PM

you got your wish, web.

Screamin Jay Hawkins_ 12/13/2004 4:04:36 PM

Katey Sagal has a background in musical theater, hence the lack of suckery in her singing.