BlogDecember 1, 2004 12:26 PM ET

stupid football

I hate to discuss football too much, but I can't ignore the upcoming Packers and Eagles game. This should be a great match-up. Does anybody remember fourth and 26 from last year?

In any case, I'm an Eagles fan, and although I don't particularly dislike the Packers, I hope the Eagles walk all over them so that all the Packers people I know (including you Sean) will be silenced!


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jesuschristsuperstar_ 12/1/2004 10:06:40 AM

does anyone remember 4th and 26!?!? 11 months of intense psychotherapy and it STILL haunts me!

alex_ 12/1/2004 10:07:16 AM


badkarma_ 12/1/2004 10:52:13 AM

Don't worry dude. The last time we played the Pack, we didn't have Westbrook, T.O., Burgess, or Kearse, or most important for this game, Trotter. We are a far better football team then we were last year. I don't see much improvement on the Pack's side except for Walker and a few guys who have stepped up recently. We will win this game.

vegans_taste_good_ 12/1/2004 1:20:50 PM

GO GIANTS....... *hangs head in shame*

Ari_Liebmann_ 12/1/2004 2:27:34 PM

go pats!?!?!?!?!?!?!

alex (not the webmaster)_ 12/1/2004 3:37:23 PM

too football, no care

twodegreesbelow_ 12/1/2004 11:10:52 PM

this blog blows.

alex (not the webmaster)_ 12/2/2004 9:43:49 AM

better than your sweet ass zine, gaygol

deadwithfear_ 12/2/2004 8:01:53 PM

*be's from chicago, hates packers

countryclub_ 12/3/2004 6:29:04 AM

we(philly) would have gone undefeated this year if it werent for the steelers(who will go on to lose to philly in the bowl) it will be fun to watch favre get fcked up !

jesuschristsuperstar_ 12/3/2004 12:34:02 PM

GB - 31 PHI - 27

d4n_ 12/5/2004 5:37:36 PM

greenbay is getting crushed!! ahahha fcking 28-0 eagles winning. fck you farve. packers suck.