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Sworn Out t-shirts have Sworn In swearing

So some clothing outfit called Overthrown recently added a "Sworn Out" shirt to their merch site, claiming they were for the parody band, Sworn Out. You can check it out below:

Sworn Out shirt

Naturally, the real band Sworn In isn't too pleased. Frontman Tyler Dennen took to Twitter to complain:


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anonymous 3/15/2014 2:57:24 PM

Optimism is a venereal disease.

anonymous 3/15/2014 3:30:29 PM

kleenex are stoked

anonymous 3/15/2014 3:56:41 PM

Tyler can eat a weiner

anonymous 3/15/2014 4:03:22 PM

i would feel a little privileged and proud to know that my band has made it far enough to even have a parody band.

anonymous 3/15/2014 4:55:19 PM

Lars Ulrich is stoked.

anonymous 3/15/2014 7:08:22 PM

I know this get thrown around a lot on this site, but this band sucks. Seriously. Garbage.

anonymous 3/15/2014 8:02:51 PM

they're mad for somebody stealing their name and making money off it when they stole a name from a band and made money off it. what goes around comes around.

anonymous 3/15/2014 10:08:53 PM

"It's gonna suck for you when I tell my dad!"

Mitt__Romney 3/15/2014 10:39:20 PM

So a shit band is coming out with merch that a shit band already has?????? Shit bands just keep getting shittier and shittier.

anonymous 3/15/2014 10:59:42 PM

Didn't this brand just get finished from stealing a bunch of money from people through IndieGoGo?

anonymous 3/15/2014 11:18:03 PM

Diabetes is a fcking disease. You skip the think and go straight to the coma because you forgot to bring your insulin on tour.

anonymous 3/16/2014 4:46:30 AM

The shirts are limited to 50. Those guys sure are going to profit hard off this. What gayz.

anonymous 3/16/2014 11:15:21 AM

Too bad this fake Sworn In stole their name from the Sworn In on Bridge9 in the early 2000s... So basically, he has no grounds to stand on in complaining about this Sworn Out parody shirt. http://www /watch?v=EKUtPrGzJUE

anonymous 3/16/2014 2:14:14 PM

Maybe bridge 9 should sue the band for infringement.

anonymous 3/16/2014 3:59:35 PM

"sworn in", u mean british american nightmare?

anonymous 3/16/2014 4:32:46 PM

Tyler the whiny rich kid in you is showing.

anonymous 3/16/2014 8:52:44 PM

comic sans is stoked

anonymous 3/16/2014 10:59:18 PM


anonymous 3/17/2014 6:58:10 AM

Someone get Jessi Slaughter's dad to defend Tyler. CONSEQUENCES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!

anonymous 3/18/2014 8:02:15 AM

look at the irony in all of this,a hardcore band,pissing and whining about somebody ripping them off,but they more than likely are playing a "dated" style of hardcore... build a bridge and get the fck over all of it!!!!

anonymous 8/10/2014 8:41:44 PM

who the fck cares if they took a name that was used by a band, which sucked dck and broke up? sworn in is now their name, and sworn out is blatantly copying/ making fun of it. Image is everything and that crap can hurt a band. they obviously have enough haters so they probably want to end that shit. anyway, regardless of anyone saying "they suck," they are super famous and make a shit ton of money, so i'm pretty sure they have enough fans to not care.