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Metallica plays "One" with Lang Lang and sounds lousy lousy

So, Metallica performed at the 2014 Grammy Awards last night, playing their hit "One" with some help from renowned pianist Lang Lang. I'm not sure why I was awake watching this last night, but I was; bummer.

I thought the song was a mess. Not only was the piano poorly orchestrated with the song, but the normally reliable James Hetfield sounded really shaky on vocals to me. Even more comical than their performance was the song's introduction, courtesy of actor/musician Jared Leto, who praised the band for always staying true to themselves. I'm guessing Leto never listened to 'Master of Puppets' and 'Load' back to back? Whatever. I give Metallica credit for trying something a bit different, but that's about it.


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anonymous 1/27/2014 7:21:25 AM

Wow. That was beyond bad. After the first minute I skipped to the end, which wasn't nearly as bad, mostly because everything drowned out that awful piano player. It's like they attempted avant garde and screwed it up......however that's possible.

anonymous 1/27/2014 7:27:38 AM

exactly. shit was Lulu awkward

bees 1/27/2014 8:07:10 AM

Metallica did their thing with the orchestra for S&M, and it should stop there. This is just... ugh.

anonymous 1/27/2014 9:47:28 AM

Awful piano player? Obviously you are fcking deaf. Lang Lang is amazing.

anonymous 1/27/2014 9:55:29 AM

"Awful piano player? Obviously you are fcking deaf. Lang Lang is amazing." Obviously you're fcking deaf if you think that didn't sound like shit stacked on shit.

anonymous 1/27/2014 9:55:53 AM

it seriously seemed like james was crying out for help during the 'please god wake me' parts and shit and then he was like 'no no no no non ohhh god no' while they were playing so i think he knew what was happening. you could say its part of the song but listen to how he says that shit. he was probably remembering when they played the grammys in 1989 and then right now and is like 'fck, what have i become....some kind of no no no'

anonymous 1/27/2014 10:02:54 AM

Bend those knees James

malachi 1/27/2014 11:12:24 AM

I wish Metallica of 20 years ago would time travel to today so they could be disgusted enough to go back and ensure this (and much more) all does not happen.

anonymous 1/27/2014 11:22:04 AM

sobriety ruins another band... get drunk and then play your instruments you c*nts!!!!

anonymous 1/27/2014 12:05:57 PM

Damn, this sounds like my 3 year old daughter playing along senselessly to a great song. Plus me singing it. Maybe I don´t understand the genius of it...

anonymous 1/27/2014 1:24:46 PM

I'm sure Lang Lang is a great well accomplished piano player and what he was doing had some complex awesome musical connotation to it, but, I can't help but feel that I could've let a cat walk across the keys of my piano and gotten the same result.

anonymous 1/27/2014 5:41:32 PM

so the dude from the hangover smashed the piano with Metallica on National television. Band is beyond shot.

anonymous 1/27/2014 6:26:34 PM

that wasn't so bad. Do you monkeys have your ears painted on or are they blocked with c-m?

anonymous 1/27/2014 7:25:51 PM

Lars skipped the best part on drums because he can no longer play simple double bass drum patterns even though his set up was equipped with two bass drums. Growing up wanting to play drums i remember when I first heard that and thought how cool it was when everything drowns out but the drums, I enjoyed the piano parts and when they were on colbert I thought they were great so maybe it was nervousness or "exhaustion"

anonymous 1/27/2014 8:59:17 PM

Literally 2 different songs played at the same time. Nothing fit.

anonymous 1/28/2014 1:01:38 AM

Hetfield sounded more like Garfield than himself on this. And a huge WTF.

anonymous 1/28/2014 1:19:44 AM

How did all your Grammy performances go? Oh, wait..... Talk shit when you have done something. Stop wasting the energy. Go out tomorrow and create.

anonymous 1/28/2014 2:00:22 AM

They keep bringing in new musicians to make music with (Lou Reed was the last guy to take the fall for them) & now this Lang Lang. Most people in his native country wouldn't know if this song was played bad or not but the people who grew up with Metallica know its just another cover up that they can place the blame on if the fans don't like it & also the fact that he outplayed them in their own song shows they don't have any gas left in the tank... They can't even hit the notes anymore

anonymous 1/28/2014 7:08:02 AM

I bet Robert Trujillo is wishing that Mike Muir will take him back. Oh wait, Stymee wrecked ST with his gay funk crap. Geritol anyone?

anonymous 1/28/2014 7:30:56 AM

the people mixing the grammys always suck, and apparently metallica are too old school for correct intonation.

anonymous 1/29/2014 7:51:39 AM

I think Lang had a nice intro, but he screwed up Metallica's intro...when the guy was playing the guitar all you heard was an off tone piano playing in the background...maybe he didnt hear himself playing off key...other than that it was ok...mostly because they drowned out the piano...but it seemed like he tried harder to be heard and was messing them up...