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Jason Newsted provides new details on his departure from Metallica

Bassist Jason Newsted has never really opened up about the reasons behind his 2001 departure from the biggest metal band on the planet, Metallica. But in a recent video interview with Scuzz TV, Newsted does just that. Ultimately, Newsted pins the blame on frontman James Hetfield's insecurities regarding Echobrain, Jason Newsted's one-time side-project.

Newsted's perspective comes as no suprise to anyone who has seen the Some Kind of Monster movie, but the interview is worth watching nonetheless.

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anonymous 1/10/2014 12:48:58 PM

First of all...

anonymous 1/10/2014 1:07:57 PM

It was the LSD him and hevy devy dropped..."Newstead, Ulrich is a fcking creep...fck you, Lars."

SuckMeBeautiful 1/10/2014 1:32:41 PM

Good thing you came clean over 10 years later. People give even less of a fck now than they did then. Revisit in another 10 and see how far the care level drops

anonymous 1/10/2014 3:10:19 PM

This has already been well documented... Like ten years ago.

anonymous 1/10/2014 6:42:14 PM

Does anyone actually give a fck? Jesus Christ.

anonymous 1/10/2014 7:26:16 PM

^^ Your mom gave a fck, to me, 5 times last night

anonymous 1/10/2014 8:07:23 PM

more like jason oldsted

anonymous 1/11/2014 5:32:31 AM

Breaking news from 10 years ago

anonymous 1/11/2014 7:22:23 PM

It's an hour long yeah i will get right on watching that gayg.o.t cry about why he was kicked out of some band that had already started to suck anyway.

DaveTech 1/12/2014 2:52:48 AM

"Jason Newsted begins crying during interview, acknowledging leaving Metallica to play with two 12 year old boys was not a fancy pants move."

anonymous 1/12/2014 3:35:23 AM

Great interview. I don't why everyone is whining. Just don't watch the video if you aren't interested. How could a person not have a feelings about something that was such a large part of his life. Half you pussies are hung up on some bitch you dated for 3 months. This was a 15 yr marriage to a band. What the fck you would know about anything?