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Melvins' Buzz Osborne names bands that he thinks screwed up

1/7/2014 8:01:10 AM PT   comments [10]

I have like 30 Facebook friends (I'm antisocial), and this morning I noticed that one of them shared a link from the unofficial Black Flag Facebook page to an A.V. Club article in which Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne picks a few "bands that were good, but blew it."

Some of the bands he mentions "blew it" because they broke up (e.g. Isis), while others simply started sucking (e.g. the Rolling Stones). Anyway, it's an interesting read, so check it out.


anonymous   posted 1/7/2014 8:30:02 AM
who was ur friend
ed_money   posted 1/7/2014 10:20:14 AM
Isis is fcking atrocious.
Celestial was par.
anonymous   posted 1/7/2014 11:29:20 AM
who gives a fck what this gay thinks
eatshtndie   posted 1/7/2014 2:58:06 PM
he's spot on with this whole list and about music in general. If you don't like the melvins then i don't like you.
anonymous   posted 1/7/2014 4:00:10 PM
Isis was and is one of the best post ambient sludge rock bands. They are dimensions and monoliths away from atrocious. Seriously underrated and creatively passionate. fck off, anon.
cacabutt   posted 1/7/2014 6:05:03 PM
isis sucked dcks.
anonymous   posted 1/7/2014 9:01:47 PM
ISISownsutryhards Keep plugging sh!t no ones heard of, or cares about bastufft dwellers.
m00k   posted 1/8/2014 12:45:59 PM
lol Isis is shitty boring garbage for hipster gays. Just like the Melvins.
anonymous   posted 1/10/2014 8:13:48 PM
wow so black flag, rolling stones, and metallica are washed up you say? their best days are behind them you say? nice to see new input on these bands. thought everyone was a fan of their newer material besides me, really surprised to see someone sharing my opinion on these bands!
anonymous   posted 1/13/2014 12:38:12 PM
Time will not be kind to Isis' 'legacy'.