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Trapped Under Ice vocalist endures rough 10 seconds at show

Trapped Under Ice played a show at the Orpheum in Tampa, FL over the weekend. The show went off without a hitch, with the exception of ten seconds that saw frontman Justice Tripp kicked in the back of the head by a stage diver and then kicked in the hand by another. Unfortunately, the kick to the hand knocked the microphone into Tripp's mouth, breaking a tooth. Of course this is hardcore, so after taking a few moments to assess the damage, Tripp carried on like a sport.

Later that day, Tripp Tweeted: "Just wrapped up my favorite tour I've ever done with the best friends. No broke ass tooth could ruin my day."

Of course, there's video. There's always video.

And yes, this shit happens at like every other hardcore show. But I needed to post a blog entry, so this will have to do. If anybody has footage of Scott Vogel breaking a nail, send that shit over asap.


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unvisitedgrave 10/17/2012 3:52:55 PM

Bitches call me the mail man, k-karl malone, k-k-karl malone.

anonymous 10/17/2012 3:54:45 PM


anonymous 10/17/2012 6:25:41 PM

Wanna be it was a Nike air max that hit him?

LoydChristmas 10/17/2012 6:33:52 PM

damn broke ass tooth always tryna sell me food scramps

anonymous 10/17/2012 8:08:47 PM

Sure, NOW stagedivers can't ruin his day, but once upon a time in Germany he wasn't a superman. Nice attempt at a career save, choad. Hopefully it doesn't work.

anonymous 10/17/2012 8:10:04 PM

BOO fckING HOO! I've seen dudes get gashed open by swinging guitars and finish entire sets. Someone send this pssy a box of diapers. Hardcore my dick.

anonymous 10/17/2012 10:01:32 PM

good the vocalist is a gay for punching someone during there set last time he got hit.

anonymous 10/17/2012 10:14:28 PM

Lol this rules

anonymous 10/18/2012 1:26:51 AM

Thanks for this webby. This important news has changed the world and my perspective on life.

anonymous 10/18/2012 1:30:22 PM

He literally said he didn't care about the tooth, and you are all acting like he's being a pssy about it. Bunch of actual real life retards.

anonymous 10/18/2012 10:56:23 PM

get a real job. you suck. broke tooth havin' ass mother fcker.

anonymous 10/19/2012 12:18:05 PM

ouch my twoof

Shitstorm 10/19/2012 3:05:42 PM

TUI is lame wah I hurt my finger :(

xburnfacex 10/23/2012 8:49:20 AM

This band fcking sucks.

Snoopy2 12/17/2012 9:54:26 PM

Funny how this pssy ass gay doesn't try the same caliber of shit he pulled on his European fans in America

anonymous 1/24/2013 11:11:09 AM

he got his ass kicked after this show. i just saw it on world star hip hop