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Hellfest 2000 in Syracuse, NY

1/27/2012 8:25:30 AM PT   comments [26]

Hellfest 2k poster

I owe somebody some stuff, so I was looking through my vast collection and came across this poster. I don't care what what you say, you can't help but marvel at a line-up like that. I think there were a few other notable bands (e.g. Killswitch Engage) not on the poster that also played.

ihaveaveryexpensivepen   posted 1/27/2012 8:43:21 AM
yea that year was the shit
JoshGrabelle   posted 1/27/2012 12:04:15 PM
When I made that poster I left off Poison The Well too. Woops!
dondeestasumadre   posted 1/28/2012 9:00:50 AM
sweet lineup. so many good bands.
anonymous   posted 1/28/2012 9:13:08 AM
wish that was still in the states.
anonymous   posted 1/28/2012 12:23:05 PM
not only that but it was in the cuse!! 22-1!!!!
Bobby_Probert   posted 1/28/2012 12:30:50 PM
2001 was fcking fun as hell too. In fact I still have my tickets somewhere.
anonymous   posted 1/28/2012 1:18:24 PM
Thanks webby, I just got over missing that jawns this year...
anonymous   posted 1/28/2012 3:08:46 PM
i think it was michigan fest 99 that had bane, barrit, isis, cave in, and a slew of other awesome bands. just aint the same anymore.
bellini   posted 1/28/2012 3:11:07 PM
Might be the last year I actually enjoyed music.
anonymous   posted 1/28/2012 4:10:16 PM
Best weekend ever.
what_is_wrong_with_you   posted 1/28/2012 4:27:57 PM
so, who's getting that poster?
brassknuckleromance   posted 1/28/2012 7:01:10 PM
I have about 40 hours of this on video tape, this was one of the best events I've ever attended. yes, it changed my life, pig destroyer style.
anonymous   posted 1/29/2012 1:15:51 AM
Definitely a basically life changing event. fcking ruled.
horseheadxbookends   posted 1/29/2012 6:04:48 AM
Great fcking weekend, even with the cancellation of the first day and some of the bands not playing, drowningman & time in Malta were especially awesome, don't think botch ever got to play or I just don't remember
anonymous   posted 1/29/2012 6:18:32 AM
I remember just getting into all of these bands, and being too young and broke to travel to the show. The dvd was like a visual mix tape for all of us here that couldn't make it, but wanted so bad to see these bands we had discovered at our local record stores.
anonymous   posted 1/29/2012 8:10:56 AM
this dvd was the older brother i never had. i was 14 or 15 when this show happened and i bought the dvd when it came out for one of the bands on it.
joebtg   posted 1/29/2012 8:37:18 AM
For all of you who weren't there... suckerss!!
ed_money   posted 1/29/2012 4:30:57 PM
Was an awesome show. Almost didn't happen.
anonymous   posted 1/30/2012 12:21:28 AM
Great post, brought up some good thoughts. CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION campout in that backyard was bitchin', and still is up there on the list of all-time favorite shows.
Ryan   posted 1/30/2012 1:20:10 AM
Coolest post Alex has done.
littlemac   posted 1/30/2012 7:53:36 AM
i was there in 2001, which was also great as was stated, and i was always pissed that that was the one year they didn't do a dvd.
MarginError   posted 1/30/2012 10:24:03 AM
where's Keith to claim that he paid everyone back their ticket money?
CamWinston   posted 1/30/2012 2:03:05 PM
I am still waiting for my refund for 2005! Bullllllllshit.
*opens mailbox intensely each day hoping for refund to magically appear*

Maybe Grammy Moon took that shit. Bitch.
hardware   posted 1/31/2012 12:37:04 PM
Jon Gula in the center, he is the man. I have footage of the show being cancelled somewheres on my pacuter.
Snoopy2   posted 2/1/2012 6:29:29 AM
All of you jerks old enough to enjoy this show I hope you also enjoy raising a family and preparing for retirement too at this day and age, you uninteresting fcks
anonymous   posted 2/5/2014 2:15:33 AM
The Really HellFest

here will go...