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Alec Baldwin vs. Sean Hannity

Alec Baldwin was on WABC Radio this week with host Brian Whitman when right-wing radio host Sean Hannity called in with fellow broadcaster (and sycophant Mark Levin). For those unaware, Baldwin is an unabashed liberal. It didn't take long for the two to begin insulting each other. At one point Baldwin labels Hannity a "no-talent whore." The entire episode was an immature display for all parties involved, however, it was amusing to hear Hannity on the other end of a radio show call, where he was repeatedly talked over. More importantly, I loathe Mark Levin, and to hear him called "cabin boy" put a smile on my face.

You won't truly appreciate the clip unless you listen to Hannity's radio show. If you care, you can listen to the entire exchange here (thank you Crooks and Liars).


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bolognapony_ 3/27/2006 8:04:01 PM


vegard_ 3/27/2006 8:15:13 PM

webmaster, more gossip please. you know people and probably hear stories. we want names!

mikecole_ 3/27/2006 8:51:12 PM

hannity is a fcking idiot but so is alec baldwin. both are cowards. very entertaining listen, thank you webby.

sekio_ 3/27/2006 11:36:47 PM

They're both fcking idiots.

sekio_ 3/27/2006 11:36:48 PM

They're both fcking idiots.

bro_punch_ 3/28/2006 12:30:12 AM

hannity and levin are like little boys. who calls up some show dealing with politics and having their argument include "he's 40-50 pounds overweight" ridiculous.

deez_nutz_ 3/28/2006 7:56:44 AM

webmaster cares about censoring racist blog comments

bloodfeastislandman_ 3/28/2006 3:35:37 PM

hahahahahahaha@ "you're brokeback Alec"

Larry Gomez_ 3/28/2006 3:47:11 PM

Sean Hannity is about as useful as an jerk right here *taps elbow

fetch_ 3/28/2006 6:52:41 PM

"what are you gonna do about it sean hannity?" "who's your little cabin boy there with you" "i'm not a cabin boy, butt boy." lmao

terds_ 3/29/2006 12:34:03 PM

i find it funny that conservatives resort to name calling for everything. as well as direct personal insults. calling him over weight and making jokes about his wife are very mature. even douche bag oriely wouldn't stoop that low. maye Rush would.

kim jong il_ 3/29/2006 1:14:04 PM

herro arec barwdrin

mikecole_ 3/29/2006 5:20:08 PM

all parties involved in this audio clip resorted to personal insults you dipshits. biased liberals are no better than fcking idiot conservatives

anonymous 3/30/2006 9:01:37 AM

yeah only conservatives use insults, being bias is seriously less intelligent than being clueless on the the way, i hear him say "no talent hack" not "whore"

anonymous 3/30/2006 9:01:59 AM

okay i just heard the "whore" part.

anonymous 3/30/2006 2:30:27 PM

Hannity was talking about this yesterday on the radio as i was going throught the stations and heard his familiar bullshit. all of his listeners calling in to discuss it first began fellating him verbally with "You are a True American" before chiming in with the same "Liberals are destroying America" crap. his listeners are idiots to the nth degree.

Kanye West_ 3/31/2006 6:28:17 PM

Sean Hannity doesn't care about the rights of black voters.

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vcreationv_ 4/3/2006 11:15:04 PM


vcreationv_ 4/3/2006 11:16:47 PM

fck can hear Baldwin eating throughout the entire thing..hahaha..

Fred_ 4/5/2006 12:47:26 PM

guys, American radio shows are shit that was the shittiest debate ever. fckin tune in to 5 live in England or summit else

William Jefferson Clinton_ 4/6/2006 3:10:43 PM

New blog my fellow American.

Hox_ 4/7/2006 3:38:14 PM

I fcking hate Sean Hannity. Not as much as I hate Ann Coulter, though. That woman is a c*nt. Capital C.

Steve M_ 3/26/2009 10:55:04 PM

Sean Hannity is a college dropout, never had the guts to serve in the military, has zero political or government experience, only worked as a dishwasher, construction worker, and bartender, and cannot hold a debate for more than five minutes without getting flustered when he is hit with facts he doesn't agree with, he is a typical Republican chickenhawk coward, just like 99% of all the Republican radio and TV hosts, all "patriots" who never had the guts to serve their country