TidbitsSeptember 5, 2015 11:18 AM ET

Reflections have premiered a track from their next LP.

Official press release: Reflections have debuted an all new lyric video today for a new single titled "Shadow Self." "As we mentioned before, this album goes through stages. It's a story and every song is a chapter in its own way," says vocalist Jake Wolf. "This track comes from a very dark place. It is about how I let the people I once held close change me and drive me into a place mentally where I developed a second personality. For years, I could not look myself in the mirror. I hated who I was. I had no idea what I believed in, what or who I cared about and I especially had no clue who cared about me." "It wasn't until the process of writing and making 'The Color Clear' that I was able to find myself again. A person that disappeared through years of physical, mental and emotional abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, more traumatizing events than I care to remember, and years of self harm." "It's truly a sad and difficult feeling to look back at literally your entire life and resenting everything. But now, when I see myself, I no longer see the product of all of the things I wish I could forget. I see my core, I see what is left of me throughout all of these years of trying to erase every memory from my childhood and teenage years. Unfortunately, I've realized you can't forget the things that make you who you are. It's almost like the person I was follows me every step I take. Just like a shadow."