TidbitsApril 30, 2015 10:50 AM ET

In Hearts Wake's new video for "Badlands" has made its online debut.

Official press release: In anticipation for their upcoming release, Australian metal juggernaut In Hearts Wake has unleashed a cinematic video for their ferocious new song "Badlands" today. The track is featured on the band's album, Skydancer, that's scheduled for release on May 5th via Rise Records. Watch "Badlands" now: Co-directed by Scott Hansen and In Hearts Wake vocalist, Jake Taylor, and written by Taylor, the "Badlands" is a beautifully shot film set in the Wild West. The outlaw story follows a greedy quest to recover stolen gold only to have it eventually returned to the earth in which it came from. "Badlands" is a modernised western tale of the ever classic and symbolic feud between cowboys & Indians," says Taylor. "Written from the perspective of native outlaws: 'we will make a stand' against the invading miners who destroy the earth only for personal gain. IHW recently saw this first-hand whilst driving through the invasive Texan oil wells that drain the planet 24/7 in search of profit."