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La Dispute's cover of the Nirvana song "Polly" is streaming.

Monday, April 13, 2015 6:38 PM PT
Official press release: Roughly a year ago La Dispute recorded a tribute to Nirvana's 'Polly' at a live show in Seattle, capturing the aesthetic of the originators run through the filters of La Dispute's creative engines. The A/V Club showcased the angular version of the classic track and Robotic Empire felt this rendition wonderfully fit the vision held for their Nirvana tribute series. On the cusp of releasing "Whatever Nevermind" alongside Record Store Day 2015, the venerable All Music site has penned an excellent spotlight on La Dispute's contribution, which gives a great insight into the far-reaching influence of Nirvana and why La Dispute chose to cover 'Polly'. From the feature, La Dispute bassist Adam Vass explains how they approached the cover: "It's hard, you don't want to remove it so far from the source material to where it isn't identifiable anymore, but at the same time if we were to just have played it the way it was on the record, it wouldn't have been as good as the original version, and it would have felt wrong, like we were abusing the opportunity. I like to think that we found happy ground in between those two extremes, and we changed it a little bit, but just enough to make it something special for us but still stay true to the original track."