TidbitsNovember 27, 2014 8:28 PM ET

The Word Alive's new music video for "The Runaway" is available online.

Official press release: Phoenix, AZ rockers The Word Alive have released a brand new music video for their track "The Runaway." The song is featured on the band's new album REAL., which debuted at #33 on the Billboard Top 200 and is available now on iTunes. The video treatment was written by lead vocalist Telle Smith and filmed in the band's home state. Known for Luke Holland's drum videos, director Jeremy Tremp helps The Word Alive take fans through the personal story of how each band member got their start in music. Through this video, the band strives to portray the message to fans that their stories aren't as different as theirs and hope to spread the message of how powerful and redemptive music can be. Telle Smith explains the process behind shooting the video, "Instead of shooting a high budget looking video, we stripped everything down and just jammed in a garage the way so many of us have in our early days. It felt good to just capture some of the essence of being naive and just loving playing music with your best friends. The video was stress free and we actually shot it in Arizona and invited a handful of home state fans to participate."