TidbitsOctober 7, 2014 9:14 AM ET

Attila has posted a handful of audio clips from their forthcoming album.

Attila has uploaded nine separate audio clips from their upcoming release, Guilty Pleasure, via Instagram. As revealed yesterday, the new album will hit streets on November 24. You can check out the audio previews via the links below. instagram.com/p/t0bfSXmX0d/ instagram.com/p/t0bYvJmX0T/ instagram.com/p/t0bU3vmX0P/ instagram.com/p/t0bNNZGXz_/ instagram.com/p/t0bKFomXz9/ instagram.com/p/t0bG66GXz0/ instagram.com/p/t0bEZjGXzy/ instagram.com/p/t0bCeymXzv/ instagram.com/p/t0a8UxmXzo/
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