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Bloodbath has debuted a new song, their first with new vocalist Nick Holmes.

Thursday, September 25, 2014 8:10 AM PT
Official press release: Sweden's master of horror, Bloodbath, set to release its fourth album of supreme death metal, Grand Morbid Funeral, on November 18 through Peaceville Records, has unveiled a new track, "Unite in Pain," featuring new vocalist Nick Holmes. Blakkheim (guitar) commented, "'Unite in Pain' is a very 'straight to the death metal bone' kinda song. A morbid cry out to the old school past when things were kept simple but effective. Take the legs of Slayer, the feet of Entombed, the arms of Bathory, the hands of Death and piece them together with the severed head of Bloodbath, shovel a HM-2 pedal down its throat and face the gore, once more!" "The original lyrical content for 'Unite in Pain' was about the human need to wish for a peaceful death without suffering, so I tried to reverse this where only a painful end would suffice," added Nick Holmes. "The lyrics were sent to me direct from His Unholyness, and some of the words got lost in translation from ancient Latin to American English.