TidbitsApril 9, 2014 12:26 PM ET

Whitechapel has posted a second in-studio video clip.

Official press release: The anticipation continues to build as the release of Whitechapel's new album Our Endless War draws nearer. In a little less then three weeks on April 29th the band's fifth full-length record and fourth for Metal Blade Records will be released. Our Endless War is a ruthlessly honed album that refuses to compromise on brutality; it is also by far Whitechapel's most streamlined, atmospheric, and emotionally powerful release, pushing every aspect of their sound to the next level. During the recording of Our Endless War the band shot a series of behind the scenes and in-studio videos documenting the process. Today the second video from the recording sessions has been posted. This episode focuses on the tracking sessions for the album. It showcases each member sharing their part in tracking the riffs that made up the album and can be viewed here: