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Twelve Foot Ninja has premiered the music video for which they crowdfunded $52,000.

Monday, February 3, 2014 5:21 PM PT
Official press release: Twelve Foot Ninja has premiered the long-awaited music video for the song "Ain't That A Bitch." With the promise to create an action-packed and gory tale of retribution against an Internet troll, the Australian group turned to fans in an effort to crowd fund over $45,000 for the making of the video. As a result, Twelve Foot Ninja broke a world record, successfully crowd funding the most ambitious financial target for a music video or short film. Watch the director's cut of "Ain't That A Bitch" here [viewer's discretion advised]: The band pulled out all of the stops for their highly anticipated video, calling on Penthouse Magazine Pet Madison Rhys, a 7ft Alaskan brown bear and a prosthetics make-up artist who worked on the film The Hobbit. Also appearing in the video are members of American metal band Periphery, who became good friends and strong supporters of Twelve Foot Ninja after touring Australia together in 2012. While Twelve Foot Ninja doesn't condone violence in the real world, the members wanted to create a video that portrayed the ultimate revenge fantasy to give a voice to victims of cyber bullying. When asked what an Internet troll is, guitarist Steve "Stevic" MacKay shares the difference between a troll and critic is that there is a line Internet trolls step over: "it's the line that separates constructive disagreement from vitriolic words with malicious intent."

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