TidbitsOctober 19, 2013 7:10 PM ET

Candiria has debuted an unfinished song they've been working on as-of-late.

Anybody remember Candiria? Hopefull you do. Either way, the band has posted an unfinished song, with drummer Kenneth Schalk offering up the following details:
"We are so excited to bring you a sneak peek at what the future holds for us. Please remember this is unfinished but it is also just one song. You all know we are unpredictable and diverse and eclectic. This song will most likely remind you more of 'older' Candiria than newer. We love the newer guitar tunings that John [LaMacchia] was doing on the Kiss the Lie album so we have songs that are tuned to the lower B. Those songs sound awesome too... "Remember to just sit back and listen without expectation. If it sucks, that is also good too. It's been about 2 centuries since we released new music. hahahaha. It would be foolish to not test the waters first and see if we're still a viable source of listening enjoyment. If you guys dig this tune then we would fully feel validated to finish it."
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