TidbitsSeptember 5, 2013 1:36 PM ET

Fit For An Autopsy has made yet another new track available online.

Official press release: Fit For An Autopsy released another new single called "Tremors" in anticipation of their upcoming new LP "Hellbound" due out September 10th, 2013. While we are under the suspicion the song is about the 1990 Kevin Bacon film about a ground-dwelling alien invasion set in the desert, the band weighs in with an official explanation: "Tremors is a song about giving up. Things just don't get better sometimes. People go bad and you lose the ones you love to death, to drugs and to the darker places in life. It's not easy to go through life and expect every day to be better than the one before it. Bad shit happens and it's going to keep happening and that's that."