TidbitsJuly 24, 2013 8:17 PM ET

"Long-lost" footage of Hellfest has begun to surface, starting with a 2004 set from The Hope Conspiracy.

Official press release: The "long-lost" footage from Hellfest 2001 and 2004 is starting to surface, edited with multiple angles and released for free, courtesy of hate5six.com. The first release features The Hope Conspiracy in their absolute prime. A note from Doug Spangenberg, director and producer of the Hellfest DVD series:
In 2005, the crew at High Roller Studios (Anderson Bradshaw, Robbie Tassaro, Vicky Edwards and myself) had final edits and mixes completed for a "HELLFEST 2004 DVD". High Roller Studios was partnered withRadiotakeover.com at the time (the same people responsible for Hellfest 2005 never happening and people not getting their money back), and it was up to Radiotakeover to clear all the bands for the DVD. To say the person responsible at Radiotakeover was an idiot is an understatement. He was way over his head and the DVD suffered an early death because of it. All of the edits and digital files were destroyed when Radiotakeover closed its doors, but we had the good sense to grab the raw footage before it was too late. That footage sat in my attic for nearly 10 years until recently when I decided to give it to someone who would show it some love, and who better than HATE5SIX.com? We only ever had room to do a song or two on the dvds, so I'm excited to see the bands get the "full set" treatment. From here on out its his project, and I'm excited to see what he does with it. Enjoy, Doug Spangenberg