TidbitsApril 15, 2013 8:15 AM ET

Teramobil (Augury, Unhuman) has made a stream of their new EP available online.

Official press release: It is no secret that Montreal is a hotbed of metal innovation, encompassing a wide spectrum of brutality, technical innovation and avant-garde ideas that many scenes do well to envy. Still, genre conventions being what they are, many musicians are left with that nagging question in the back of their minds... "what if we just went all out, no boundaries?" Enter: Teramobil. Comprised of Dominic 'Forest' Lapointe (Augury, Beyond Creation, etc) on 6-string bass, Mathieu Bérubé (Unhuman) on guitar and Alexandre Dupras (Unhuman, The Plasmarifle) on drums, Teramobil is an uncompromising amalgam of technical metal, progressive rock, jazz fusion, psychedelic trips and... pretty much anything else you can think of! Jokingly dubbing their instrumental style "InYourFaceExtremeDoomCountryMathTechniCore", Teramobil have, since beginning writing in the fall of 2010, come up with a full serving of challenging music that above all remains clear, concise and listenable despite its extreme level of complexity. The band's first offering, in the form of the 6-song EP Multispectral Supercontinuum (stream below), saw the light of day in March 2013. It will be followed by a full-length album in the near future. Teramobil have managed to generate an immediate buzz about their live show by earning opening slots for such acts as Beneath The Massacre and Behold The Arctopus, all the while showing they can go toe-to-toe with these established acts without breaking a sweat. Fans of the aforementioned Behold The Arctopus, as well as Animals As Leaders, Blotted Science, Converge and more: you have been notified, a new wave of exploration is here, and it's called Teramobil.