TidbitsOctober 22, 2012 7:09 PM ET

Graveyard has uploaded an interactive teaser video for their new album.

Official press release: With their last album Hisingen Blues Graveyard took a step up to the A-list of Swedish rock bands. The album won a Grammy and was undoubtedly the biggest rock affair in 2011. Graveyard is now following up the success with their brand new album, Lights Out. Like the previous album Lights Out has an almost iconic cover, but for other reasons. The cover is largely black, and the question is; what's hiding in the dark? Today, the band releases an interactive teaser video on YouTube, where fans can explore this themselves. The viewer is met by a dark room inspired by the album cover, with the difference that a few lights are low. By clicking on one of the lamps, the light turns on and the viewer is thrown into Graveyards rehearsal studio, where the band plays songs from the album Lights Out. When the song is over the band turns off the lamp. With YouTube's technology, fans, both old and new, will have the opportunity to discover their music in a new way. Lights Out will be released this Friday, October 26, 2012 via Nuclear Blast.
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