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Hot Water Music has premiered their new music video for the song "State of Grace."

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 7:53 AM PT
Official press release: In May 2012, punk band Hot Water Music released their new album Exister, their first album in 8 years. While quitting in 2006, they began performing again less than 2 years later. The band proudly debuted their new music video for "State Of Grace" on RollingStone.com today. The video's inspiration comes from the infectious epidemic of health products caused by consuming genetically modified foods and non-organic farming. The video combines footage of the band performing along with scenes of sick children, needles and maggot infested fruit. Chuck Ragan explained to Rolling Stone, "The fact of the matter is that our society as a whole has veered away from the simplicity of growing food and is now suffering and will continue to suffer the consequences until a greater population decides to change for the better." Watch "State Of Grace" music video below: