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The wounded soldier whose tattoo was inspired by Indecision lyrics met Indecision songwriter Justin Brannan in New York City this month.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 8:22 AM PT

This is pretty cool.

Last year you may recall some media attention surrounding a Time magazine website photo prominently displaying Indecision lyrics tattooed on the side of a gravely wounded soldier.

Kyle Hockenberry wounded after road-side blast in Afghanistan
photo by Laura Rauch

The line "For those I love, I will sacrifice," from the 1997 Indecision song "Hallowed Be Thy Name," is popular among tattoo enthusiasts, most of whom have no knowledge of Indecision or lyricist Justin Brannan is. The triple-amputee soldier, Kyle Hockenberry, was among those originally unfamiliar with Indecision. He's no longer a stranger to the band, however, as the NY Post arranged an Independence Day meeting between Hockenberry and Brannan.

"Meeting Kyle for the first time was really amazing," Brannan said. "We're going to be connected forever now."

Please read the entire piece here.

Justin Brannan with Kyle Hockenberry