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Saving Grace has posted a video for the song "Oaxaca."

Thu, May 31, 2012 7:38 PM PT

Official press release: Saving Grace has released a new video for "Oaxaca," a song from their Strike First Records debut Unbreakable. Vasely Sapunov explains:
"In 2008 we were blessed to be able to partake in what was to date the most amazing spiritual experience of our band's career and ministry. We were privileged to tour Mexico with our friends in For Today and spent a lot of time doing ministry in orphanages in the region of Oaxaca. This song is about our time spent there and is a reflection of what we were going through being thrust into ministry in a third world country. God did so many incredible things during our time there and we wanted to make this video as a testament to the beautiful people and to this place that will forever be in our hearts. "NZONAIR chose to fund this music video for New Zealand television and we were stoked to be able to work with director Scott Hansen (Bury Your Dead, For Today, Impending Doom) to make this video and show some footage from our time spent in Oaxaca, as well as to be able to film at a hallmark location from our home, the Tolaga Bay Wharf. "Please keep the people of Oaxaca in your constant prayers as they were hit by devastating earthquakes just a few months ago with many people losing their homes. We can't wait to go back one day."