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Darko unveil new song and video

Friday, January 15, 2021 9:59 AM PT

Darko have released a new track called "Donna" and its Samuel Halleen-directed video can be viewed below.

Primary songwriter (and Emmure drummer) Josh Miller had this to say about the single: "This is a deep one for me, it's called 'Donna' for my grandmother who has passed away. This song is a mixture of emotions and memories From holidays and birthdays or even walking into my grandparents home to the familiar feeling of love and normality whatever that may be to you. When writing this song I had a vision come to me where I could have a video come together and capture the feelings of it all. Something real and something we all go through. getting the chance to work with Sam and also my grandfather and father for this is something that I'll never forget. we've been sitting on this video a long time with a ton of other announcements and goodies soon. Thank you guys for the constant support what started as a way to vent, has now become Darko. Much love to all of you. And lastly Love you, grandma."

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