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Benediction issue new video

Friday, October 16, 2020 1:37 PM PT

To celebrate today's release of their new album, Scriptures, death metal band Benediction have shared a video for opening track "Iterations Of I." The new clip can be found below.

Darren Brookes (guitar) comments on the track: "The last song Dave Ingram featured on in Benediction was 'I'. That was the last song on 'Grind Bastard'. The first song on Scriptures is this one, 'Iterations of I' and it's a continuation of that song and therefore was put first on the new album. I guess it's a bridge between the two eras of Benediction with Dave at the helm. Plus it's a cracker to open with, it's got all Benediction's trademark qualities in one song, from fast and brutal to slow and powerful."

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