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Ether Coven share new video

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 7:25 AM PT

"Depressive metal" band Ether Coven have released a music video for their song "When Quiet Fell." The Erik Boccio-directed clip can be viewed below.

Ether Coven frontman Peter Kowlasky states, "The video for 'When Quiet Fell' was the second video we filmed while on our winter tour earlier this year. I have been friends with Eric Boccio for nearly 2 decades from his time in Kid Georgous and we've been trying to work together for a long while so when we were in California we took no naps and just trucked it to L.A. over night. The explanation for the song, as per the record insert is as follows: In times of desperation and loneliness the only way out is seemingly through. The most trying moments are of negative silence and it is difficult to be comfortable in our own skin. Stagnation feels like betrayal. Trudging forward to exist outside ourselves is nearly impossible to navigate but it is often our only option, so we suffer."

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