TidbitsJune 30, 2020 9:59 AM ET

Horseneck cover 'School's Out' by Alice Cooper

West Coast post-hardcore/sludge metal unit Horseneck have shared their rendition of Alice Cooper's "School's Out." The track follows their Fever Dream full-length, independently issued earlier this year. Now available on all streaming platforms, guitarist Anthony Paganelli comments of the track: "During our Fever Dream recording sessions, we decided to record a few cover songs. Alice Cooper's 'School's Out' being one of them. We all love '70s rock and it's a big influence in our songs and songwriting. 'School's Out' is a bad ass song and that main riff is so catchy and super fun to play. We jammed on it a few times and decided to record it. The other cool thing about recording this song is that we all did vocals on it. All four of us sang. I even had my kids do the yelling part at the end. They thought it was cool to go in the studio and yell into a microphone a few times. But then again, who doesn't." Horseneck's cover of "School's Out" can be streamed here:
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