TidbitsJune 9, 2020 11:19 AM ET

Justice For The Damned share new single

Justice For The Damned have unveiled a new track titled "No Peace at the Feet of Your Master." The song comes from the group's upcoming album, Pain Is Power, out this Friday, June 12. "When we wrote this song over a year ago, we couldn't have predicted the exact state of events today, but the same truths were as obvious then, as they are now, as they were 100 years ago," say Justice For The Damned. "Our 'first world' nations are illegal empires built on the backs of those who are not given a seat at the table. When the message is this loud, wilful ignorance and silence is complicity. The thorn of systematic violence, racism and oppression needs to be removed before the wounds can begin to heal. For all the minorities in the world, the indigenous communities in the world, the people that face unnecessary judgement for who they are, what they look like, the colour of their skin, their gender and who they choose to love. No Peace at the Feet of your Master, This song is for you." The new single can be streamed here: