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Killswitch Engage share live quarantine performance video

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 7:18 PM PT

Killswitch Engage have released a live performance video of an acoustic version of the song "We Carry On." The track was recorded while the band's members were in quarantine. The original appears on the band's 2016-released album Incarnate.

Watch and listen here:

"This song is a deep one for me," explains vocalist Jesse Leach. "When I wrote the lyrics, it was originally based off of struggles in a tumultuous, abusive relationship. Little did I know how significant it would eventually be as it has relevance during this strange time of quarantine and uncertainty. For me, it has turned into an anthem, of sorts, about perseverance. While working on this version, it really struck me how much I felt the lyrics in a different light. As dark and difficult as things can get, we all have this inner power to persevere and pull through. I feel that the desperation and the melancholy of this song are balanced by a ray of hope that runs through it all."