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Ingested share new track and music video

Wednesday, April 15, 2020 10:49 AM PT

British extreme metal unit Ingested have issued a new single called "Impending Dominance." You can check out its music video below.

Frontman Jason Evans comments: "We picked 'Impending Dominance' as the first single because it's hard as f*ck. Simple as. This is about sacrifice, and the things you have to do to become the best. Could you step over friend and foe alike to achieve immortality? What would you give to have everything you've ever wanted? What would you become? The road to hell is paved with the best intentions, but are you the same at the end of the journey? Huge grooves, massive slams and gargantuan riffs, it smashes you over the head from the start to finish. We f*ckin' love it and hopefully you will too! Stay safe!"

Ingested will issue details regarding their new album in the near future.

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