TidbitsMarch 24, 2020 1:58 PM ET

Oranssi Pazuzu unveil new music video

Official press release: Two weeks ago, Finland's experimental anti-traditionalists unleashed "Uusi teknokratia," the first single of their new album Mestarin kynsi, out on April, 17th. Today, Oranssi Pazuzu release a hypnotic yet consensual music video for this song. Check it out here: The band states, "The video Zev Deans made captures the paranoid vibe of the track and expands it further by adding a whole new visual realm in to it. An apocalyptic vision that leaves no other choice but to obey." "Uusi teknokratia" was directed by Zev Deans, produced by Rachel Kitson. Ryan Michael Kelly shot the video with executive producer Noah Young and associate producer Daniel Litt, starring Leslie Barany and Johnny Scuotto. Rachel Kitson and Zev Deans were responsible for the production design, Christine Snider for the talent management and Madeline Quinn for the VFX assistance.