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Ex Deo share new single

Sunday, March 15, 2020 5:44 PM PT

Official press release:

After three years since the release of their latest acclaimed full-length, The Immortal Wars, Roman Empire-inspired epic death metal band Ex Deo – featuring mastermind Maurizio Iacono of Kataklysm – are back with brand a new single, entitled "The Philosopher King," via Napalm Records. As teased earlier this month, the track features very special guest Francesco Ferrini of Italian symphonic metallers Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Ferrini provided the stunning orchestral score for the colossal track, which tells the tale of one of Rome's greatest emperors, Marcus Aurelius – an important historical figure that Maurizio Iacono feels a deep connection with. The track also features pummeling production by Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Machine Head) and Chris Clancy (Mutiny Within).

Watch the new lyric video for "The Philosopher King" here: