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The Year of Our Lord release cover song from 1998

Wednesday, January 8, 2020 5:10 PM PT

Defunct New England melodic black metal band The Year of Our Lord have released a long-lost cover of Texan thrash outfit Devastation's "Deliver the Suffering." The track was originally recorded in 1998 at Godcity in Allston, MA with Kurt Ballou, who also provides backup death growls behind Scott Heigelmann's signature distorted shriek. You can have a listen below.

Guitarist Nick Heigelmann (Sun in Shadows) had this to say about the discovery and song: "This song was supposed to be on a thrash covers compilation by various New England hardcore and metal bands back in 1999 that never came to fruition. We recorded this at one of the earlier iterations of Godcity in a basement in Allston in 1998. Twenty years later, Matt Lacasse found the 1-inch tape in his closet and low and behold, the recording we thought was gone forever had been re-discovered. Unfortunately, I had to re-record the guitars because of some serious issues with the tape transfer. Everything else is original. Stoked that 'ole Matty found this fucker and we can finally put it out. Devastation was a completely underappreciated band, and Idolatry is a true classic thrash album that everyone should check out if they haven't already!"